Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Can Do It

This past weekend was all about one of the seven deadly sins . . .gluttony. I know I used to be gulity for this crime as well as the rest of America. However, no one felt the pain of gulit and an over-stuffed stomach than the beautiful, exotic Kim Kardashian. In her recent twit she says, " I hit the gym hard today!!!! I fell off for 8 weeks in NYC BUT IM BAAAACKKKK!" She has been seen hitting the gym in New York City where her and sister, Kourtney, are filmming their new reality television show called Kim and Kourtney Take New York. The main point is that yes, she is a size two and that's great. Kim says, "I never knew to embrace curves," she said. "I looked at my aunt and cousins and saw these Armenian women with big butts and boobs, and I didn't really realize how attractive it actually was then. Your perspective grows." The best part is that she is learning how to love herself and her body which is always awesome.

Kourtney and Kim in the NYC filmming their new reality TV series (Kim still looks great)

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