Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me and That and Them

Hello everyone. The name is Nicky D and I am a current fashion major at the Academy of Art University. Just trying to breathe for one moment before working on finals. But, I don't want to bore you all with my long, dramatic soap opera of a life so let's get to know one another first. Indiana Jones and I should get married, even though he probably aged badly, for traveling is in my blood. London, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul are my destintations abroad so far and hopefully Italy, it is my next target. Fashion has been around in my family for decades since my deceased grandmother used to draw fashion illustrations and my mother used to sew garments from scratch. On my mom's side there are three artist in the family, so the conclusion of my life was to have a life as an artist.

Now, about Fabuchicness, this blog is all about fashion. Street wear in the most fashionable place on earth, my Big Apple. However, there's more! I love concerts especially when the artist is super talented and has an astonishing stylist such as Lady Gaga (tickets sold out!). Darn it! Pictures speaks a thousands words so I will post some images of the concerts I go to and comment on the costumes that they wear. Also, focusing on trends around the world like what is the new "it bag" for this upcoming season and I also will keep you all posted on a fashion event like Fashion Night Out and who will be wear. I mean, it is important, after all fashion is out life.

Here is the ticket, I am all about trendy items whether vintage or brand new with the fresh smell of leather attached. It is all about how things are styled that makes me say,"wow". I prefer clothing from boutiques and speciality stores because most items from those places are unique and limited. I love to enter into a boutique and just feel all nice inside and pick observe what is inside. If I see something, I'll stay in the store and if I don't I leave and more to next possibility. So, trendy items whether vintage or current style with an unique sense of flare = Nicky D.

Are You Ready?

I know I am. RiRi, known as the glamourous, creative Rihanna is dropping her new album named Loud on November 16th, 2010. Cannot wait for it!  Her cherry red hair is amazing and I personally like it. RiRi is on fire just like her flaming, cherry hair. How do I know? Well, I actually saw her perform during her tour in Hershey, PA, with my friend who was visiting from Tokyo. Of course, the girl was rocking like a rockstar :) Even though the music was on point, I have to give it up to her stylist Mariel Haenn for doing her thing. Rihana outfits were amazing! She is such an artistic soul and just rocks whatever is wears. Here are some pics of the concert. So, let me ask you guys again. Are you ready?

I just loved this outift was wearing with her new red hair.I always wondered how she could perform in those sky high boots.
RiRi plays the guitar in this wicked awesome body suit made only for those who are just bold and lovely.
I can't for her to have another concert. I just want to see what she will be wearing the next time.
Rock out girl. I don't know if you can see this, but, her stand is bedazzled with spikes. SO rocker chic. I dig her booties. If you want her rocker chic look before the Spring season arrive, quickly grab these items such as the gloves, the leather pants, corset tops and the complete black on black outfit

Karl Lagerfeld
Nina Ricci