Sunday, November 7, 2010

Am I. . .Strange?

I am completely different from everyone who surrounds me in my closed minded neighborhood to my family and friends. I like things they think are weird such as Alexander McQueen lavish gowns and Yamamoto's feather hats. I enjoy and love the avant garde in life. Fashion that is to the extreme and that is more of an art form.
I am different for I like to stand out from the crowd with not only by what I wear each day, but, by having a positive and pleasant personality. Being different can be a blessing for it makes me special and being different can be a curse for people have teased and even degraded.
I love to be different in what I do. I am not the typical girl who just like to shop and get her nails done. I like to travel and learn about other cultures and meet new people. Difference is great because it adds to life and makes it exciting. I guess I am saying I am exciting, interesting and adventurous. Me being different was the best blessing I could have ever received.

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